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Afghanistan is a land locked country and has borders with Pakistan, Iran and Uzbekistan. Country has no sea port and without Railway. The Borders are connected with the Pakistan territory at two major entry points. One is Torkhum across the Divider line and the other near to the Chaman. All major trade traffic is being routed through overland traffic from Pakistan.

After the withdrawal of Russian forces the Country was suffered a long civil war and the extremist Taliban ruled for some time but with the intervention of Allied forces spearheaded by US under the mandate of UN the Taliban regime was overthrown and there was a lot of demographic change with the establishment of a legitimate and elected regime based on democracy and by direct franchise of the voters. After the indulgence of US and allied forces in Afghanistan the war ravaged country came under a rapid re-construction process and global donation poured in the economy of the poor country to raise infra structure and development. The country is passing through a new phase of re-construction in all spheres of life which may bring change to the common men in communication, education, literacy and poverty and other sectors of economy like trade and commerce and it is likely that the country shall get the status of a fast developing country shortly, provided the global interest continues for development and the cause on humanitarian basis.

Geographically Pakistan is in a very vulnerable position and playing it's role in the capacity for providing all logistic support and maintaining brotherly relation with Afghanistan. Major chunk of traffic which arrives at Karachi port is sent by land route to Afghanistan and the custom laws are very soft for this country. Pakistan is serving as a major hub for Afghanistan transit trade (both ways) and the prospects for enhancing trade and commercial activities through Pakistan are very bright and viable. Future is all bright and rosy.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) for Afghanistan Shipments:

1. Commercial